„Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible" - Dalai Lama


We have a strong sense of social responsibility for the society that we live in. We really want to be a part of this society and help other organisations to achieve their business growth. 
We have developed a successful business in nearly two decades, and understood that the bigger and stronger we become, the more responsibility we should take with regard to others. Kaminera Group and the companies it controls are backing and actively taking part in sponsorship activities of different social programmes: charity, wellness, sports, and in the fields of education and science.  
- In 2016, Budgetary Institution the National Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis School of Art (Lith. BĮ „Nacionalinė Mikalojaus Konstantino Čiurlionio menų mokykla“)
- In 2016, 2015, 2013, Klaipėda City Handball Club “Dragūnas” (Lith. Klaipėdos miesto rankinio klubas „Dragūnas“)
- In 2016, Public Institution the Klaipėda Science and Technology Park (Lith. VŠĮ „Klaipėdos mokslo ir technologijų parkas“)    
- In 2016, Public Institution Lithuanian Free Market Institute (Lith. VŠĮ „Laisvosios rinkos institutas“)    
- In 2016, Traditional Karate-Do Club “Lūšis” (Lith. Tradicinis karatė do klubas „Lūšis“)    
- In 2016, 2015, 2013, 2012, Public Institution Basketball Club “Neptūnas” (Lith. VŠĮ krepšinio klubas „Neptūnas“)    
- In 2015, Klaipėda City Basketball Club “Fortūna” (Lith. Klaipėdos miesto krepšinio klubas „Fortūna)    
- In 2015, Public Institution Auto Sport Club JJ racing (Lith. VšĮ Auto sporto klubas JJ racing)- In 2015, 2014, Public Institution Promo events (Lith. VšĮ Promo events)
- In 2014, 2013, Public Institution Klaipėda Ice-hockey Academy (Lith. VšĮ Klaipėdos ledo ritulio akademija)
- In 2013, Association Porsche Club Lithuania (Lith. Asociacija Porsche klubas Lietuva)
- In 2012, Association “My Hometown Klaipėda” (Lith. Asociacija „Mano miestas Klaipėda“)