KAMINERA, UAB is one of the largest freight forwarding companies in Lithuania. The amount of forwarded freight is approximately 2.5 million tons/year.
Services provided:

  • Freight forwarding by rail in various kinds of wagons.
  • Payment of railroad (competitive) tariffs within the territories of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other.
  • Cargo declarations, formalisation of customs and transport documents.
  • Mediation in organising additional services: stevedoring, storage, freight, tank wagon hire.
  • Organisation of forwarding by multimodal transport.
  • Customer counselling and representation at customs, railway stations and ports.
  • Provides long-term and short-term rental services of tank wagons (Model 15-1547-03) for freight forwarding by rail. 
  • The wagon fleet consists of 40 units of tanks for transportation of light oil products.
  • The wagons may be run in Lithuania, as well as in Estonia, Latvia and CIS countries.

UAB "Kaminera" – Nemuno g. 51, LT-91190 Klaipėda, Lietuva. Tel.: +370 46 466271, el. paštas:



The successful activity of KAMINEROS KROVINIŲ TERMINALAS, UAB in the logistics business has continued since 1991. After a reorganization was carried out in 2014, Kamineros krovinių terminalas, UAB became the assignee of all rights, assets and obligations of MABRE LPC, UAB, as well as the successor of the prosperous business. The business specialization carried out by Kamineros krovinių terminalas, UAB is the handling of bulk and pre-packaged goods at Klaipeda Port berths under the operation of the company and bulk cargo haulage by the company’s transport.

Technical parameters:

  • Kamineros krovinių terminalas, UAB is the operator of Klaipėda Port quays No. 118, 119 and 120.
  • The terminal is able to handle about 1 million tons per year.
  • Terminal technical parameters: quay length of 432 m, maximum draft of 10.8 m, overall area of 129,167 sq. m (the port: 45,045 sq. m; logistics centre: 84,122 sq. m).
  • Storage services are provided. The closed storage area is about 4000 sq. m., while the open storage area is about 80,000 sq. m. The open storage area can accommodate 300,000 tons at a time. 
  • The terminal manages the reserve area where the Logistics Centre is located. The following services are provided: railway wagon loading/unloading; motor transport loading/unloading; cargo storage; container loading/unloading. Railway siding.

UAB "Kamineros krovinių terminalas" – Nemuno g. 42A, LT-93277Klaipėda, Lietuva. Tel.: +370 46 411693, el. paštas:



AFALITA, UAB deals with vessel freightage, mooring and agency services.

Services provided:

  • Vessel mooring, towing, cargo handling, immigration, sanitary and other port formalities’ management and document preparation.
  • NOR/SOF preparation.
  • Provision of information about the local law regulations, vessel arrival/departure and stevedoring operations to ship masters and ship owners. 
  • Administration of port charge payments. Preparation of financial reporting of the vessel. Customs clearance.
  • Fresh water supply organisation on board, organization of medical assistance to the crew.
  • Regulation of disputes between ship masters, customs and port authorities.
  • Preparation and notarial certification of marine protests.
  • Organisation of vessel repairs. Spare parts delivery.

UAB "Afalita" – Nemuno g. 51, LT-91190 Klaipėda, Lietuva. Tel.: +370 46 466271, el. paštas: