Kaminera, UAB – The best railway logistics/forwarding company of 2016

Kaminera, UAB – The best railway logistics/forwarding company of 2016

Silver “Star for Work Merits” (Lith. „Darbo žvaigždė“)

Silver “Star for Work Merits” (Lith. „Darbo žvaigždė“)


The most meritorious Lithuanian export companies were awarded in the government building – they were awarded the Silver “Stars for Work Merits”. Arūnas Tuma, who is from Klaipėda, also the head and founder of a holding company Kaminera Group UAB, received the most important award for successful development of business which was given by the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts.

The first award of the “Star for Work Merits” was established in 1939. It is the highest award given by the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts. The Star for Work Merits used to have a status of the State Order, which was usually given in order to honour the most distinguished businesspeople and officials for their work on pursuing economic prosperity of Lithuania. The Orders in pre-war used to be established by a financial minister, but conferred by the President in a palace.

Lithuanian Transport Leaders 2014

Lithuanian Transport Leaders 2014


Traditionally, at the conference “Transport and Communications Industry Opportunities for the Period 2014-2020” held on 25 November at the Transport and Communications Ministry, the most deserving companies in the development of industries such as transport, logistics and road infrastructure, as well as their heads were honoured and awarded.

Organisational committee of the competition “Lithuanian Transport Leaders 2014” has decided to give five nominations for transport, freight forwarding, logistics businesses, including companies selling technology, and to honour the most meritorious heads:

- “The Head of Transportation of the Year 2014” (Lith. „Metų transporto vadovas 2014“) – Žydrius Baublys (Director General of Fegda UAB).
- “The Best Carrier by Road Transport of the Year 2014” (Lith. „Metų vežėjas automobiliais 2014“) – Rivona UAB (Head Dainius Dundulis).
- “The Best Forwarder of the Year 2014” (Lith. „Metų ekspeditorius 2014“) – Kaminera UAB (Director Arūnas Tuma).
- “The Best Operator of Logistics of the Year 2014” (Lith. „Metų logistikos operatorius 2014“) – DLG UAB (Director General Žydrūnas Pocius).
- “The Truck of the Year 2015” (Lith. „Metų sunkvežimis 2015“) – “Renault Trucks T” (the authorised representative for the Baltic States regarding sales of trucks – Volvo Lietuva UAB).

Fireworks for Klaipėda

Fireworks for Klaipėda


The Association “My Hometown Klaipėda” (Lith. Asociacija „Mano miestas Klaipėda“ (MMK)) has announced an action called “Klaipėda residents’ present to Klaipėda City”.

Arūnas Tuma, who is a member of the Rotary Club “Concordia 1826”, took up an invitation by the initiators and became the ambassador of the action “Klaipėda residents’ present to Klaipėda City”. Thanks to this person, sponsorship contracts have been concluded with 4 companies in the seaport city (Kaminera UAB, Borta UAB, KLASCO ekspedicija UAB, and Logista UAB).

These companies have contributed to a superb firework, which brought real enjoyment to the residents of Klaipėda as well as visitors on the 760th anniversary of Klaipėda city on 1 August 2012.